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USMLE tip #1: pick and go

Do you know the material but are having trouble finishing the exam? Are you guessing on a whole bunch of questions because you're running out of time each block?

If so, then you're overthinking the questions.

The USMLE is set up so that if you recognize the disease pattern you can get the answer quickly, so don't spend a lot of time trying to find the trick in the question.

I sometimes work with students who get low scores because they spend so much time on the first 30 questions in a block that they run out of time for the rest.

Training themselves to pick an answer and go quickly actually gave them about 20 minutes at the end of each block and increased their performance considerably.

So don't linger - PICK AN ANSWER AND GO ON!

How competitive am I for residency?

Will you be AOA?:Yes
Have you done research?:Yes
Do you have publications?:Yes
Are you a US senior in med school?:Yes