University of Phoenix Nursing Programs

In today's hectic world, it can be difficult for someone to find time to complete their education, even though studies have shown advanced degrees equal considerably more money. For those interested in the field of nursing, the University of Phoenix offers convenient education options that often allow the student to work while also completing a degree. The University of Phoenix offers two nursing programs.

University of Phoenix's Nursing Degree

The University of Phoenix offers a Nursing degree program which allows individuals to work towards their goal of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) in a way that is convenient for them. Because the university offers classes during the day, at night, on the weekends, and online for some courses, almost anyone can mold their school schedule to fit their work requirements.

The Nursing degree program does require students to complete 120 credit hours of course, but only 39 of these hours are in the field of nursing. The nursing courses include Health Assessment, Concepts of Family Nursing Theory, Contemporary Issues and Health Policy, and more.

University of Phoenix's Master of Nursing Degree

Registered nurses who want to pursue additional education may be interested in the University of Phoenix's Master of Nursing Degree program. This program lets students get involved in more advanced areas of study and in specialized areas of nursing.

To earn the Master of Nursing degree, students must complete 39 credit hours which include courses such as Population-Focused Health Care, Measuring Performance Standards, and Theoretical Foundations of Practice. Besides the basic Master of Nursing Degree, the University of Phoenix also offers advanced degrees which prepare students for careers as Family Nurse Practitioners, in Health Care Management, and in Health Administration.

More Information About the University of Phoenix

To learn more about the University of Phoenix's nursing programs, visit their web sites. Their official site ( provides information on on- and off-site courses while their other site ( is more focused on the online aspects of the school.

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