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Starting Medical School - Part 2

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    Take advantage of students who've gone before. Track down an alumnus of your undergrad school who's a year ahead. Alternatively, many schools have formalized big sib programs - they've got the low-down on your first year. They'll tell you which courses are bears, which profs are bores, and how to study for specific tests. Forming a relationship with a big sib is also helpful for subsequent years.


    Have fun. This applies to what you're studying and what you're doing outside of class work. Enjoy what you study - find ways of making studying fun. Get a study group together, make flashcards for pharmacology, work medical crossword puzzles, or do whatever you can to make the material less dry.

    Equally (if not more) important, keep active outside of class. Third year of med school isn't the end of your life outside of medicine, but it sure does change your lifestyle. Take advantage of first and second years - get out hiking, play basketball, learn to fence (you know you've always wanted to). The physical activity will be a good break from the books, and you'll come back refreshed and ready to rumble.

To discuss the transition to medical school with students who have gone before, visit the MCAT & USMLE forum.

Best of luck!

How competitive am I for residency?

Will you be AOA?:Yes
Have you done research?:Yes
Do you have publications?:Yes
Are you a US senior in med school?:Yes