Pocket PC Medical Software

During critical moments having the right tools is important. This is definitely true in the medical profession where knowing how to proceed and having to think about what to do next could have significant implications for the patient. To make these moments easier for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, a number of examples of Pocket PC medical software has been introduced to the market. These programs are easily accessible and provide answers at the touch of a button.

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Handbook of Signs and Symptoms -- Pocket PC Medical Software

This Pocket PC medical software title allows medical professionals to easily determine the possible causes of a patient's symptoms. With over 300 of the most common symptoms and 250 of those less common, this software makes it easier for doctors to narrow down their diagnosis. The software also provides guidance about the examination, medical causes, emergency intervention, and urgency levels so the professionals will have no doubts about how to proceed. This software is also available for the Palm OS®.

Poisoning & Drug Overdose – Pocket PC Medical Software

Medical professionals have to know a great deal of information but that doesn't mean they can remember everything, especially when it comes to drugs and chemicals. This software means they don't have to; it also means they can treat patients suffering from poisoning or a drug overdose faster and more effectively.

This software includes guidelines on how to treat exposure to more than 500 different chemicals used in industries and workplaces. It also provides detailed ingredient listings for more than 150 commercial products. Details on nutritional supplement overdoses and chemical/biological weapons are also included so medical professionals can deal with almost any emergency.

Besides being an example of Pocket PC Medical Software, this title is also available for the Palm OS® and Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Tablet PC.

More Information on Pocket PC Medical Software

To learn more about these programs or other available examples of Pocket PC Medical Software, read “Palm Medical Software” or “Harrison's Manual of Medicine.”

Integration of EMR and basic electronic medical records packages into Pocket PC and other PDA systems allows remote access to patient medical records