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Postby _Future_ » Fri Dec 07, 2007 6:21 pm

Thanks so much for replying to my post :D both of you have helped me ver very much even if it was more about med school, it still helped ALOT, so thank you :D and I appologize if my question seemed to give the meaning that I looked down at the school, it was not my intention at all!!! I would be most greatful to get accepted into any dental school that is out there...being accepted would be the best gift in the world :)
But there is one question that I was hoping you could help me with...what are my chances...I will be graduating a 2010 so that gives me time to raise my G.P.A and I have been working hard and will hopefully raise my G.P.A to atleast a 3.4 or better. Do you think I would have a chance at Howard, Case western or OSU??
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Postby CaribMD » Fri Dec 07, 2007 7:24 pm

dental school is just as competitive 3.4 I think you have a shot.
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Re: Opinions on Howard University

Postby 2014grad » Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:41 pm

Here's my opinion about howard university college of medicine.

(First -- Just for the sake of full disclosure, IMHO you will never get a complete and unbiased opinion of a medical school or a residency program, by asking the question in a public forum. If you go to the school yourself and ask the opinions of the individuals of that school, they will never tell you the whole story. For 2 reasions
(1) if you ever went back to the administration with a negative report, your days would be numbered in that med school or residency program.
(2) if they are graduating from that school, they are not going to tell you anything that will make you have less respect for them as a professional after graduation.
To get the complete picture -- you have to make sure that the person you are talking to has (a) absolutely NO fear of repercussion from the information shared in person or online (b) and you have the make sure the person is not "keeping it positive" because they are graduating from the program ) The only way I think this can be accomplished is if this person is your personal friend and they trust you. Even with residency programs this is the case.

But here's some facts
At Howard med school, some of the students who take the USMLE Step 1 exams and Step 2 are scoring in the range of 260. This happens every year.

Additionally, since people tend to make certain assumptions about a historically black medical school, Howard actually has higher standard of achievement required for continuation to 2nd year, match participation and graduation, as listed below:

(1) howard requires a passing score for Step 2 CS and CK for match participation.
A couple american med schools do not require CS scores for match participation.
A couple american med schools do not require CS even for graduation - like stanford
You have to love the policy at the other med schools - because the students are not at the mercy of this independent test for match participation and graduation. If you look online you'll find the complaints about that CS exam and that tells the whole story about how rough that process can be . There is no feedback and no guidelines for passing performance laid out by the organization. You just hope you get lucky.
(2) Howard requires a passing score for Step 1 to START 2nd year med student.
Most american med schools require a passing grade for Step 1 by Dec 31st of your 2nd year in med school.
I estimate that greater than 90% of american med schools do not require Step 1 to start 2nd year.

(3) Also at at Howard university college of medicine the passing scores for the NBME shelf exams during 3rd year are couple points higher than a number of other american medical schools.

If you can pass those exams -- then you have no problems -- If you have a tough time passing those exams (like Step 2 CS) then -- you would wish you went to another med school rather than be pulled out of the match. An example of a med school with no requirement of CS for match participation include Stanford, University of wisconsin and others

No big deal right ? Well if you look online you will see a failed lawsuit attempt by a med student who was denied graduation because he failed the CS exam 3 times. If he went to stanford medical school he would have his CS exam and be happily working in a residency program. That was in 2007 -- and now that the NBME is making the CS exam harder to pass every year -- to justify their administration -- then this will become an issue

bottom line -- howard has higher requirements for promotion to 2nd year, match participation and graduation than a couple other american med schools out there

it's best to be fully informed
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