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Postby goldstandard_mcat » Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:55 pm

A cookie recipe calls for 2/3 as much sugar as flour, evenly mixed. If 2 cups of flour is used and the recipe makes 16 cookies, how much sugar is there in 6 cookies?
A. 1 cup
B. 1/6 cup
C. 1/4 cup
D. 1/2 cup

Correct answer: D
This is a conversion problem in disguise. First determine the amount of sugar in a single cookie:
(2/3 cups sugar/1 cup flour)(2 cups flour/1 batch)(1 batch/16 cookies)
= 1/12 cups sugar per cookie
Now multiply this by 6 cookies:
= 1/2 cups sugar per 6 cookies.

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