Palm Medical Software

Palm medical software is revolutionizing the management and usage of patient records in the health industry. Instead of jotting down notes and entering them later into a computerized system, Palm medical software allows nurses and other staff members to instantly update the medical records and files of patients. However, Palm medical software can also be a valuable reference resource for doctors and nurses as the examples below illustrate.

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This Palm medical software offers nurses quick access to complete information about 241 different health disorders. Nurses can double-check their patients' list of symptoms to generate some ideas about their condition or to determine how serious their ailments might be. The electronic manual, which is especially critical in emergency care situations, can also be cross-indexed with other programs in order to provide even more information. Besides being usable on Palm devices, the software is also designed to work on Windows-based tablet and desktop computers, as well as the pocket PCs.

Rosen and Barkin's 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult

For doctors specializing in emergency or trauma care having instant access to information can be vital when it comes to helping patients. This Palm medical software provides fast access for doctors to more than 600 different types of products which they may encounter. For each disorder, the software discusses symptoms, treatments, and even appropriate coding. The program can also work on Windows-based Pocket PCs.

English & Spanish Medical Words & Phrases

Today, one of the biggest obstacles doctors face in treating their patients is the language barrier. A growing percentage of Americans do not speak English well enough to discuss their medical problems with their doctor effectively. This Palm medical software bridges that gap by giving doctors and nurses the ability to work around this problem.

Doctors can determine how to translate their questions into Spanish or can translate the patient's complaint into English so both parties can more easily understand one another. Plus, since it's piece of Palm medical software, it can go anywhere the doctor or nurse goes and can be cross-indexed with other types of medical reference software.

More Palm Medical Software Information

More information about all three of these programs is available at Medical PDA Software. Medical Office Software and Medical Practice Software also include additional details about computer software used in the health care industry.

Electronic medical records software can often be integrated into both Palm and Pocket PC-based PDAs, allowing remote access to EMR packages.