USMLE Questions and Study Guides

We've compiled a list of study guides for the USMLE. These are both basic science and clinical review pages, each geared to a specific medical school course. In addition specific information on USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2, as well as general information on USMLE test prep courses, are available on this site (follow the specific links).

Download USMLE Questions and Software from the USMLE orientation page at
Histology World A fun, educational histology site. There is a histology test bank, a histology-word-of-the-day, photomicrographs, trivia, and lots of histology games.
Starting Medical School : Advice for those first few days.
Getting the Most Out of Neurobiology: How to do well in 1st year neurobiology and neuroanatomy. Acing Gross Anatomy: The tricks to understanding Gross Anatomy.
2001 in Review: The Three Biggest Medical Issues of 2001.
MD/Phd Track: Resources and discussion about MSTP and MD/PhD programs.

Basic Sciences

Microbiology &
Cell Biology

Clinical Sciences

The Physical Exam - Taking a Patient History
The SOAP note

Case of the Week
Emergency Medicine: UNM
Radiology: Boston VA
Pathology: WebPath