Medical Software - EMR and Apps

These are iphone and Android apps designed specificially for the medical profession. We've broken the types of medical software apps into 5 categories:

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1. House Staff and Medical Student iPhone Apps.

These are customized medical apps solutions for house staff and medical students. Several companies have integrated Android and iPhone apps for patient tracking, PDR-type pharmacy references, and general medical and surgical references.

The most widely used medical PDA packages include:

Harrisons Manual of Medicine - both online and app access to a classic resource for internal medicine.
Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics - this consists of an Android or iPhone app bundle of the resident's-best-friend.
5-Minute Clinical Consult (5mcc) for iPhone or Android - the recently updated title from Griffith is a standard for medical students and residents.

Tarascon Pharmacopoeia - one of the best pharmacology references for the iPad, includes dosing, interaction and even pricing information.

Epocrates - the most popular free medical software package among US medical students.

2. Free Medical iPad Apps.

A sampling of the free apps you can download include:

Archimedes - medical calculator
Diagnosaurus - helps build differential diagnosis list; produced by McGraw-Hill medical publishing and specifically designed for medical students

3. Nursing Software

A variety of Nursing Software packages - and online options - have come to market over the last 10 years. We've put together a discussion of some of the best:

Nursing iPhone Apps

4. General PDA medical program references.

These include medical dictionaries, the Washington Manual, and general medical references. The large memory capacity of contemporary smartphones and tablets allows a tremendous amount of reference material to be packed into a small container - so the pockets of medical student's lab coat no longer need to look like chipmunk cheeks stuffed with nuts. The peripheral brain has worked its way out of notecards and mini-books and into medical apps. We have affiliated with Skyscape to bring a full range of medical smartphone apps to students and physicians alike.

5. Medical Software for offices and medical practices.

EMR software has been identified as major priority for improving both efficiency in the US healthcare system as well as reducing medical errors. Physician practices will be offered enhanced medicare payments in exchange for adopting EMR in their practices.

The largest body of medical software is medical billing software. Designed for use as medical office software, these packages are generally not meant for smartphones - although most now integrate into them. The variety of tools available including medical coding connected to most major medical insurance companies, as well as patient scheduling and medical billing. These are usually very expensive packages, but like medical smartphone apps, they substantially improve productivity for the small and medium sized medical practice.

Electronic medical records software are separate packages - it's often easier to comply with HIPPA regulations with separate medical records software and medical practice software. Such packages usually contain medical records, physician orders and notes, as well as nurses notes. The two biggest potential benefits for digital medical records, of course, is having a portable, easily accessed medical record, which should reduce delays in treatment and diagnosis, and having a legible, consistent record format, which should reduce medical errors.

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