Medical Practice Software

Medical practice software provides a number of benefits to health care professionals and their patients, including more accurate diagnoses, faster treatment decisions and better interface with billing partners. However, these programs can be even more useful to those just beginning their health care careers. Medical students and residents can use these programs, especially those which are compatible with Palm and other handheld computing devices, to learn their field and to help their patients.

Bakerman's ABC's of Interpretive Laboratory Data

For more than two decades, this guide was the best-selling book on the subject. Today, medical professionals can more conveniently access the data on their portable computing device. This allows the information to go where the health care worker goes so it's available at his or her fingertips.

Correctly interpreting lab results is the first step in diagnosing and treating a patient's health problem. This software simplifies that task, makes the process faster, and expedites the treatment of the patient for more efficient care.

The Washington ManualĀ® Psychiatry Survival Guide

Emergency care and family practitioners may need immediate access to information that will help their patients, but they are not alone. Those medical professionals who work with patients suffering from psychiatry problems, such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and more also need immediate answers to their questions in order to help care for their patients effectively.

This software guide, which works on both Palm and Windows-based portable computing devices, can help doctors learn the best ways to get information from a patient, determine the appropriate diagnosis based on behavior and symptoms, record information about their diagnosis determination, and keep details about their encounters with these patients.

EMR Experts, Inc. - EMR packages and implementation

EMR Experts provides Medical Practice Management Software and Electronic Medical Record solutions to medical practices of all specialties and sizes. This company, started in 2002, has substantial experience with implementation of medical software in different sized practices and all specialties. The practice management software interfaces with a number of leading EMR software solutions in the industry, allowing automatic transfer of patient demographic information and CPT/ICD-9 codes. Free Electronic Medical Record eBook and free online EMR software demonstration available.

More Information About Medical Practice Software

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