California-based Epocrates works to meet the growing demand for medical software and other tools which assist medical professionals in performing their duties expertly and efficiently. According to Gartner Research, more than half of physicians already use handheld devices in their practices and that number is expected to grow. Additionally, medical students and supporting medical staff members are also beginning to use medical software on a regular basis. Below is an overview of some of the services and products Epocrates offers to meet this growing demand.

Free Epocrates Rx

Epocrates offers a wide-range of medical software titles, but the free Epocrates Rx is one of the best, particularly considering the price. The software includes names and details of more than 3,300 prescription drugs. The list is completely searchable so medical professionals can find what they need quickly.

The software also includes a multicheck drug-interaction checker. A nurse or physician can enter up to thirty different types of medications to ensure there is no possibility of an interaction which can prevent life-threatening emergencies for patients.

The software also includes medical calculators and peer-reviewed information about drug safety, side effects, and more.

Free Epocrates Rx can be used with both Microsoft and Palm operating systems on handheld devices, plus Windows and MacIntosh operating systems on PCs and laptops.

Epocrates Online

Epocrates Online is another service provided by the site. Registration in the program is completely free, but it provides several benefits for site users.

By registering as an Epocrates Online member, individuals can download free software from the site and can access the site's free drug formulary reference material. Additionally, Epocrates Online members are able to purchase other products and licenses through the site.

Epocrates Honors, part of the online community, provides a venue for medical market research panels. This allows members to have a voice regarding the latest medical trends and challenges, albeit in the context of marketing reports to paying customers of Epocrates.

Epocrates Linx

Besides the software available through Epocrates, the site also offers a service known as Epocrates Linx. Through this service, all of the aspects of a medical practice, including billing, prescribing, and other software, can be automatically updated through the Epocrates site.

This service means the practice's information will always be up-to-date. Plus, the updates can be completed in considerably less time.

Other Epocrates and Medical Software Information

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