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Dyspnea Smart Phrase

Description: Dyspnea dot phrase with a plan for the initial evaluation of shortness of breath.

Dyspnea smart phrase

Dyspnea: Differential diagnosis include CHF, PE, pneumothorax, pneumonia, obstructive airway disease (COPD, asthma), restrictive airway disease, neuromuscular disorder, anemia

- O2 sat @FLO(2078:last)@ on *** O2
- exam significant for RR=***, accessory muscles used/not used***, pulmuonary exam shows ***
- CHF history ***neg/pos with BNP of ***, S3***,
- DVT/PE risk factors (pregnancy, cancer, hormone therapy, previous DVT, immobility, recent surgery/injury, family history of DVT, inherited hypercoagulability, obesity, age>60, very tall, smoking, calf pain) - COPD history: PFTs***, smoking history***, physical exam (barrel chested, wheezes)***
- Anemia: exam findings: pallor, tachycardia, flow murmur***
- Neuromuscular disease: neuro exam shows ***
- CXR: PA/Lateral ***
- ECG ***
- BNP ***
- echocardiogram ***
- CT PE protocol ***
- Lower extremity dopplers ***
- ABG ***
- Pulmonary function tests ***
- tele ***
- DVT prophylaxis ***
- DuoNebs ***
- Daily CBC/BMG
- Strict I&O, dailyl weights

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