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The largest organ in the body is the skin, so it should be no surprise that there is a field of medicine completely dedicated to it. One misconception about dermatology jobs is that their main focus is on cosmetic medicine, such as helping teenagers treat acne. That's not the case. In fact, dermatology jobs can even save patients' lives.

Dermatology Jobs: Dermatologist

The most common dermatology jobs are dermatologists. Dermatologists help patients take better care of their skin and treat skin conditions, such as rashes and skin cancer. They work with patients of all ages and their practice can be flexible. They can choose to work with as many patients as they want and can even work part-time if they desire, which is not a feasible possibility in many medical specialties.

Dermatologists do have to perform surgeries occasionally. For example, if a patient has skin cancer, then that area must be removed by a dermatologist. Skin grafting is also usually done by dermatologists.

Becoming a dermatologist requires three years of residency training. Dermatologists can earn between $126,000 and $259,000 per year depending on how many patients they treat and where they are located in the United States.

Dermatology Jobs: Dermatopathologist

As with many medical fields, there are specialties within specialties. When it comes to dermatology jobs, dermatopathologist is one of those specialties. Basically, there job is to assist in the diagnosis of skin disorders. In fact, some dermatologists are also dermatopathologists.

When skin cancer is suspected, for example, a dermatologist will take a biopsy of the area then give the sample to a dermatopathologist who will examine the sample under a microscope in order to determine if the patient does have skin cancer.

Becoming a dermatopathologist requires a physician to complete a dermatology residency, plus another one to two years of specialized training. Because most dermatopathologists are also dermatologists, the pay is not much different, although it is usually closer to the higher end of the scale.

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