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Assistant Nursing Jobs: A Good Choice?

While there are several great career choices in nursing, assistant nursing jobs can provide several key benefits. The nurse assistant must not only possess skills for routine medical procedures, but they must also be able to make quick patient assessments and report that information on to the nurse. Registered Nurses often do not have lengthy interactions with patients during their exams, so the nursing assistant assumes the role of the nurse's eyes and ears.

You might be more familiar with nursing assistant jobs under the titles Certified Nursing Assistants, CNAs, or nursing aides. But they all boil down to basically the same responsibilities: In essence, CNA duties include working with the physically ill in several ways. You might provide hands-on care for a patient or help LPNs or RNs with their workload. You might also be called on to perform office duties, do paperwork, or monitor patient vitals.

As a nurse assistant, you can expect to perform tasks like developing care plans, providing nursing assessments, monitoring the effects of medication, and helping in surgical preparation. In some cases, Certified Nursing Assistants may also be responsible for basic patients needs like feeding, bathing, and providing assistance.

Understanding assistant nursing jobs

Assistant nursing jobs are generally considered "entry-level" positions in the industry. As such, they are excellent choices for those seeking a way to learn more while on the job. With an assistant in nursing position, you can better prepare yourself for advancement as a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, or Nurse Practitioner.

Nursing assistant jobs require very little in the way of formal education, with a high school diploma being all that is required to get started.

The duties and responsibilities involved with assistant nursing jobs vary from one place of employment to another. They also vary with specialization. There are several specializations that you can follow within this broad job field, including nursing home care, home health care, and more.

What are CNA employment prospects?

If you are considering entering the medical field as a nursing assistant, you will find that the field does have a high turnover rate. Certified Nursing Assistant salaries are low when compared with other nursing designations, but this is primarily because the position is used as a "step on the ladder" for advancement. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Employment prospects for those seeking to enter the medical industry here are actually quite good. There is a high demand for nursing assistants, both in clinical settings such as hospitals and clinics, as well as in home health care, nursing homes, and in other locations.

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