Anesthesiology Jobs

During our lives, we will probably require the services of someone who holds anesthesiology jobs either because we require surgery or because pain relief is needed during labor. There are two main types of anesthesiology jobs. Both are discussed below.

Anesthesiology Jobs: Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist is a registered nurse who has also completed an additional two to three years of training in anesthesiology. These nurses first began providing their services to seriously wounded soldiers during the Civil War and since then they have become a valuable part of the medical staff.

During surgical procedures, nurse anesthetists usually serve as assistants who monitor the patient's condition and who watch for early signs of problems so the rest of the team can jump into action. They also provide anesthesia for women in labor in hospitals and patients in dental offices.

Besides helping patients, there are two other benefits to becoming a nurse anesthetist. First, these types of nurses are in demand all over the country so being accepted into study programs and finding good jobs is not a problem. Second, these nurses earn more than any other type of nurse. Their salaries average well over $100,000 per year.

Anesthesiology Jobs: Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologists are physicians who have spent an additional four to five years specializing in anesthesiology. Their primary job is to examine patients and their medical histories in order to prepare them appropriately for anesthesia, then to administer the anesthesia and revive them after whatever procedure has occurred.

Most anesthesiologists work in hospitals and provide assistance during surgeries so patients do not feel any pain during their operations.

As with nurse anesthetists, there is a demand for anesthesiologists because not enough medical students are going into the field. This means finding a job after completing all of the training will be considerably easier.

Although the main benefit for anesthesiologists is helping their patients get through important and life-saving procedures safely and pain-free, a second benefit is the income. On average, anesthesiologists earn between $243,000 and $334,000.

More Information About Anesthesiology Jobs

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