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5 Great Pediatric Residency Programs: St. Louis University - Pittsburgh

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at the University of Pittsburgh

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Openings per year: 27

Highlights: Residents have the opportunity to work with the palliative care program, which serves 180 patients and receives 3-4 new consults every week. All residents also contribute to a scholarly project comprised of basic or clinical research, case reports, or medical education and curriculum development. The program also offers individualized training pathways in hospitalist medicine, subspecialty pediatrics, critical care, and primary care, allowing residents to tailor their training to their career goals.

Website: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

How competitive am I for residency?

Will you be AOA?:Yes
Have you done research?:Yes
Do you have publications?:Yes
Are you a US senior in med school?:Yes