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5 Great Neurology Residency Programs: U of Utah

Rankings aside, there are a lot of great residency programs out there, and not all are well known.

In this series StudentDoc profiles 5 great neurology residency programs you've probably never heard of.

Let's get started:

University of Utah

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Openings per year: 6

Highlights: The University of Utah Hospital is the only hospital in the Intermountain West that offers in-patient neurology and neurosurgical critical care, giving residents exposure to unusual cases. About 75 percent of graduating residents continue on to neurology fellowship training, while the remaining 25 percent enter private practice. The program is particularly family-friendly, with a committee dedicated to helping spouses and significant others find job contacts and opportunities in the Salt Lake City area.

Website: University of Utah Neurology

How competitive am I for residency?

Will you be AOA?:Yes
Have you done research?:Yes
Do you have publications?:Yes
Are you a US senior in med school?:Yes