D.O Residencies

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D.O Residencies

Postby idoc » Fri Jul 22, 2005 11:32 pm

Hello All,

Here some questions in regard to D.O s residencies

Is the fact that D.O training system directing students to the primary care affect D.O residencies? Hence, will it diminish D.O chances to get accepted for non-primary care residencies (such as general surgery)? Is there any advantage of having clinical rotation in a community hospital? Will it provide a D.O larger residency selection? Is it easier to get accepted to desired residency in a community hospital rather then university hospital?
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Postby MrBack » Sun Jul 24, 2005 8:30 am

In the osteopathic world, there are all the same oppurtunities (actually more) as there are with regard to specialization, as there are in the allopathic world. Osteopathic medicine is simply smaller than the allopathic--there's less of everything osteopathic than there is allopathic.
As an osteopathic student, you can, however, take the USMLE parts and compete head-to-head with the M.D. students for non-osteopathic internships and residencies. It doesn't work the other way (so you see there are actually more oppurtunities for D.O.'s).
If you take a look a look at the allopathic world, you'll find that those schools are pushing primary care at, at least, the same per capita rate as do the osteopathic schools. And that's because that's what the medical world has determined is what's missing from most geographic areas.


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