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DO to Canada?

Postby g-funk » Tue Jul 10, 2007 4:57 pm

Does anybody know if a DO educated here in the states can later move to Canada and practice? What are the requirements for that person to be recognized north of the border, and how would they differ from the requirements for an M.D. to make the same move?
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Re: DO to Canada?

Postby DOdoc » Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:04 pm

This is an older post, but contains a useful topic to post.

DO's can, in fact, practice in Canada as FULL physicians, however not in each province equally if at all. The only country of training that is accepted is the United States. For training in other countries, DOs can potentially still practice, but it is limited to only manipulation and does not have prescribing rights.

The process for practicing in Canada is difficult and long, but not impossible for US trained doctors. At this moment (21 April 2012) there are significant changes to the requirements/pathway to practice in Canada so it's best to keep up these changes. For example, Ontario has streamlined the process and now offers a "fast-track" to unrestricted practice which eliminates many of the obstacles that were once present.

The best method to find the latest requirements is to contact each individual provincial medical board (usually titled __PROVINCE NAME__ College of Physicians and Surgeons) as they will list the process to practice medicine in that particular province. One can also contact the Canadian Osteopathic Association at for additional information.

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