You're a Premed with a question? Read this

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You're a Premed with a question? Read this

Postby anamaky » Wed Nov 01, 2006 5:45 pm

This website has a ton of information on it, I highly recommend it, especially since it's the official information website for premeds from AAMC:
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Postby Medicine40 » Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:06 pm

It's an excellent website. Thanks alot.
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Postby pakbabydoll » Wed Jun 20, 2007 8:40 pm

Good web site thank you
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Re: You're a Premed with a question? Read this

Postby CaribMD » Tue Nov 11, 2008 10:53 pm


GPA Calculations
After your application is verified, your AMCAS GPA is calculated. The
GPA calculations are presented by BCPM codes, by AO codes, and by
Academic Status. You will also be able to view your Cumulative
Undergraduate GPA and your Graduate GPA when AMCAS processing is
• AMCAS GPAs are almost always different from those calculated
by the schools you have attended. Therefore, AMCAS does not in
any way attempt to compare our calculations with those
appearing on your official transcripts.
• AMCAS reports to the medical schools a GPA for each Academic
Status (HS, FR, SO, JR., SR, PB, GR) subdivided into courses
listed as "BCPM" or "All Other" in the BCPM/AO Column.
• Any course with Semester Hours and an AMCAS Letter Grade is
calculated into the AMCAS GPA, regardless of whether the credit
counts toward a degree or has been counted toward a school’s
• AMCAS counts grades and hours assigned by the school where
the courses were originally taken, not by any school that might
have granted transfer credit. The only exceptions to this rule are
foreign coursework transferred to a U.S. or Canadian institution
and coursework taken through an official study abroad program.
• Courses with the AMCAS grades listed below are not included in
the GPA calculations. Instead, the total hours for each of these
categories are reported to the schools under the heading
"Supplementary Hours."
• Pass/Fail - Pass
• Pass/Fail - Fail
• AP Credit
• CLEP Credit

• AMCAS counts all "+" or "-" grades, even if your school does
not. At some schools, a "+" or a "-" counts as n.3 or n.7, at
others they count as n.5.
• AMCAS counts all attempts of a repeated course, even if your
school does not.
• Grades of "IF" or unauthorized/unofficial/administrative
withdrawal may be treated as "F" in the GPA depending on how
they are considered by your school.
• Postbaccalaureate Coursework is included in the "Undergraduate
Total" GPA as well as in a separate "Postbaccalaureate" GPA.•
• Grades and credit hours for all failed courses will be included in
the AMCAS GPA, even if they are not included in the GPA
calculations of the transcript-issuing institution.
AMCAS Grades that Do Not Affect the
The following AMCAS grades do not have a weight or value in
computing the AMCAS GPA:
G Used to indicate AP credit not assigned a letter grade
L Used for CLEP or USAFI/DANTES credit not assigned a letter
P Used for courses taken in a Pass/Fail system, which are Passed
N Used for courses taken in a Pass/Fail system, which are Failed
For the following types, no entry should be made in the AMCAS Grade
Column. These courses have no value or weight in the AMCAS GPA.
AU Audited courses
CC Courses which are currently being taken or which you expect
to take
DG Multi-term courses
EX Exempt courses
NR Courses for which there is no recorded grade because of
school error
W Courses from which the applicant has withdrawn or "dropped"
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Re: You're a Premed with a question? Read this

Postby PRINCESSKD » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:22 am

Is anatomy and physiology considered as a biology requirement? thanks in advance
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