Psychiatry Vs. Psychology and differing details

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Psychiatry Vs. Psychology and differing details

Postby Mr. Ripley » Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:36 am

The main reason for posting this forum is to find help in choosing between a career in psychiatry or psychology. I understand the differences in schooling for these two career paths and am not seeking advice in this aspect.

I will begin by saying that I have been interested in behavioral science since my freshman year in high school. I am now in the second semester of my senior year and am stuck between psychiatry and psychology. I am seeking advice and a clear cut explanation on which of these suits my preferences the best.

I will begin by providing an example of the sort of work that I desire to do with an excerpt from Thomas Harris' Red Dragon,

"Dr. Bloom said the Tooth Fairy's acts and his letter indicated a projective delusional scheme which compensated for intolerable feelings of inadequacy. Smashing the mirrors tied these feelings to his appearance. The killer's objection to the name "Tooth Fairy" was grounded in the homosexual implications of the word "fairy." Bloom believed he had an unconscious homosexual conflict, a terrible fear of being gay. Dr. Bloom's opinion was reinforced by one curious observation at the Leeds house: fold marks and covered bloodstains indicated the Tooth Fairy put a pair of shorts on Charles Leeds after he was dead. Dr. Bloom believed he did this to emphasize his lack of interest in Leeds. The psychiatrist talked about the strong bonding of aggressive and sexual drives that occurs in sadists at a very early age. The savage attacks aimed primarily at the women and performed in the presence of their families were clearly strikes at a maternal figure. Bloom, pacing, talking half to himself, called his subject "the child of a nightmare."

Psychiatry and Psychology:
I am not necessarily interested in the study or healing of mental illnesses, which, from what I understand, ecompasses the entire career of psychiatry because they are medical doctors which study medicine. However, whether this is true or not i do not know and I was wondering if there was any other application for psychiatry besides healing mental illness. (maybe solely working to understand the behavioral science of other's actions instead of working to heal their mental illnesses). If not, then I am not interested in psychiatry and will pursue a career in psychology. The excerpt is almost precisely the work which I wish to do for the rest of my life, minus the forensic aspect. I am particularly interested in the study of behavioral science and the underlying causes of it, in this excerpt it's the understanding of a serial killer's actions. Although, I am unsure as to whether this sort of work can be applied in a separate subspecialty of psychiatry other than forensic psychiatry. Reason being is because I am not entirely convinced with the politics of the law system ( if that makes sense).

I would also like to know the various subspecialties, for both psychiatry and psychology, which align with the work in the excerpt above.

Thanks in advance for any constructive advice!
Mr. Ripley
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Re: Psychiatry Vs. Psychology and differing details

Postby isabelbelle » Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:34 am

Have you decided what you want to choose?
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