Dating a Resident-is this normal?

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Dating a Resident-is this normal?

Postby corylee » Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:27 am

Hello everyone,
Maybe this is pathetic but I'm really worried about my new boyfriend who's a first year resident. We've been going out for about a month and it's been wonderful. He's super busy but still makes time to call or text as much as he can throughout the day. He lives about 1.5 hours away and I drive up to see him about twice a week. He cooks me dinner, and I spend the night. He lets me sleep and stay at his place as long as I want. He said he's going to give me a key to his place so I can let myself in/out. We do call each other boyfriend/girlfriend and I thought everything was great.

Anyway We last spoke on the phone a couple days ago and he was saying "I miss you so much blah blah blah" then I haven't heard from him AT ALL in 48 hours. He usually texts me in the morning before work....nothing. Nothing all day. I texted him a couple times "Are you ok?" No response. I called him and his cell phone is off. (He has a land line too but I don't know the #)

i think he's on call and probably really busy, but is he really so busy he can't shoot me a text and let me know he's alive? I'm just wondering if it's normal for residents to suddenly drop off the face of the earth, or is he just blowing me off?

Or is he dead, sick, injured, mad at me, breaking up with me, in jail? Did he break/lose his phone? I have all these crazy thoughts running through my head. This sucks :cry:
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Re: Dating a Resident-is this normal?

Postby mikanox » Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:29 am

This is very interesting, the way you describe it.
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