Non-traditional making decisions

For applicants who have been out of school for a few years, or are planning to have a family in medical school, or have other non-traditional qualities.

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Non-traditional making decisions

Postby non-traditional_cad » Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:14 pm

I am post-grad school with a MPH degree graduated 2014- GPA just above 3.6
All pre-reqs were done while pursuing a 2nd BA in biology 2009 to 2012- science GPA 3.2
1st BA was in Sociology/Anthropology graduated 2009: overall GPA- 3.0 but upper division GPA 3.4

I am currently working as a researcher doing epidemiological studies and health services and policies research under a federal grant.

My things is I've always wanted to go to medical school and was self-discouraged during my first BA hence going to get the 2nd BA that I was proud of but self-discouraged myself out of taking the MCATS because I had a lot on my plate trying to earn an income in a full time job. So I decided to get the MPH, not only to strengthen my med school application, but to also have a degree that I can get a decent job with. Now that I am finished and ready to start back studying for the MCATs, I fear that my undergrad GPA may not be ideal for my ideal schools. On my last three practice exams taken a year ago I have gotten 24, 28, 27. I just turned 27 years old and while that is still young, I am not sure if going back to take those pre-reqs for a higher GPA is going to work out because I have to work and unfortunately do not come from a well to do family.

I would really like some feedback on if getting around 26-29 MCAT score along with my GPAs would give me a fighting chance. I even thought about applying for a dual PhD/MD program for 2016 matriculation.
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