What are my chances of getting into med school?

Preparing and applying for medical school.

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What are my chances of getting into med school?

Postby Nicoley90 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:40 am

I just recently graduated with a B.A in psychology with a 3.141 gpa/current SGpa-2.8( minus my other missing Pre-reqs) and I also just got my A.S in science ( I figured why not get my A.S, since I did not 2 years ago when I was attending a C.C).During my time college, I was in the national honor society as well as PSI CHI ( national honor society in psychology). Anyways I plan on going back to college in the fall in order to complete my pre-med requirements. So far the only courses that I have taken are General Bio I, II ( Honors) and genetics which I received a C ( both bio's and C+ in genetics) in those courses. I took General Chem I and II, in which I received a grade of A+ and A-. So the only courses I have left to take are Orgo I, II and Physics I, II and possibly bio-chemistry ( hope that will be enough), other then that my other grades in the pre-reqs ( cal, stats, etc.) have been mostly A's and B's . As far as my ec's go, I currently volunteer at a hospital but that is about it. So my question is, what are my chances of getting into med school, with the successful completion of my other pre-requirements with at the very least 3.5 gpa ( but I am aiming for higher )? I am a URM, so I am wondering whether or not this will help my chances of gaining admission, since I would not be considered a competitive student? Please give me your suggestions and feedback ( should I take more bio classes, do more volunteer, etc.)!!! Thanks a bunch in advance for all you help guys!! P.S.- I have not taken the mcats yet, I plan on taking in next year around April/May.

Side Notes:
1. Took 22.5 credits in the last 3 semesters of college earning over 3.0 term gpa. ( with the exception of 1 semester in which I received a 2.915) With one of these semesters including a chemistry course and lab.
2. Took 14 credits over the Summer session, receiving A- in every class, including my chemistry course.
3. Possible publication in med journal, due to my work with a scientist at NYU.
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Re: What are my chances of getting into med school?

Postby Brady Kinesia » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:49 am

I would focus on science grades and on MCAT preparation. I think you've already done enough extracurricular activities, and doing more to try to impress in the application won't help you if the numbers just don't make the cut.

Also, could you take more time to work on those things, or is there a reason why you pretty much have to apply next year?
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Re: What are my chances of getting into med school?

Postby arthurnottheking » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:38 am


Why are applications rejected? I had a research project and did it well, my expertise is engineered biomaterials. Iwas rejected this year and next year I will try to apply to California Medical College.
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