MCAT Scores and accepting med schools

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MCAT Scores and accepting med schools

Postby aboyd » Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:19 am

Are there schools out there that will accept if the physics area is low? My GPA is 3.75 and my overall score on the MCAT was 28, as I trumped fairly well in all sections with the exception of Physical Sciences... a lousy 4. I have taken the MCAT twice and have only brought it up 1 point. The writing sample was an S. I might add that my life experiences are also a bit intimidating. I have more than a dozen years of experience in the medical field as a nurse. I have administrated a free medical clinic as the only paid employee, constructing protocol and procedures and programs for chronic disease managment, university internship programs for 12 accredited schools, 22 successful grants, etc. I currently serve on the County Department of Child Services Review Team and the Medical Advisory Committees for both Early Head Start and Head Start. Not only did I obtain a nursing degree, but I completed a Bachelor's in Biology (Pre-Med) and a Masters in Molecular Biology. That is just the tip of the iceberg as I left home at 16 and have done this alone, without any family assistance, raising two children at the same time. Because I completed only two years of high school before graduating and performed exceptionally well on the Verbal and Math requirements for the SAT, I was propelled through my academic career without actually taking any pre-calculus or other advanced math courses. Because of this deficit, I did poorly in physics and in physical chemistry. It has hurt me on the MCAT as well. Does anyone know of a GOOD school that will accept someone like me with high aptitude for success in everything but Physics?
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Re: MCAT Scores and accepting med schools

Postby Brady Kinesia » Thu May 30, 2013 6:01 pm

It seems quite unusual, total score is 28, with Physical Sciences score of 4?

Like this:

Bio 12
Verbal 12
Physical 4

Total = 28 ? ? ?

Advanced mathematics is not required for the MCAT. How would you describe the problem, that one the one hand you have a gift for memorization (which helps on the Bio), but on the other hand, "innumeracy", or your mind just doesn't like to deal with numbers? (so Physical Sciences are hard) ?

How have you fared thus far with the med school ambitions ?

- Brady
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