chances of getting into DO school?

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chances of getting into DO school?

Postby idkrst » Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:02 pm

I have decided that I want to apply to osteopathic school. My problem is my gpa. I am graduating in December with a degree in biology and a minor in chem. During my first couple years, I was not sure what I wanted to do so I did not try as hard and got a lot of B's and a few Cs. I was also plagued with a boy who kept breaking my heart, and it affected my school work.

I got a C in bio 1, a C in chem 2, and a C in bio2, and a C in physics 1(which was taken at a community college so I did not think it mattered at the time). I also switched out of biology my freshman year and took an intro physics class that is not relevant to med school and got a C. I am retaking bio 1, chem 2, and possibly the intro physics class this fall and will get the A's. i have retaken two other classes. i have already done organic and biochem, and did well in both of them (had a very high B in biochem, and a high B in organic). i am also taking immunology and endocrinology in the fall. in december, i will graduate with a 3.0 overall and about a 3.2 science gpa with the retakes calculated. i am also considering retaking bio2 and physics1 in the spring semester along with biochem 2(bc i really liked biochem). that would bring my gpa up a little bit.

what are my chances of getting accepted to osteopathic schools? what about the lower tier schools? also, is there a penalty for a lot of retaken classes (about 5)? what are my chances? is this a lost cause?
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Re: chances of getting into DO school?

Postby elxr06 » Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:56 pm

the only penalty for a lot of retaken classes is your GPA and red flags....
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