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$765 million enough?

Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:35 pm

I can't tell if $765 is enough or way too much for a class action settlement in favor of former NFL players and the NFL.

What are future players going to get?

Re: $765 million enough?

Sat Oct 19, 2013 3:50 pm

Well, to use an analogy from other sports: we don't see the World Boxing Federation heavyweight champions suing their league/organizers for concussive injuries. It's accepted that concussion is part of the sport, and the objective in fact is to "knock out" the opponent by repeated blows to the head.

So, did these NFL players in the class-action settlement really have no idea that concussive injury is a risk of their sport? To make it to the professional level (NFL) implies basically that they had been playing football as the main activity of their lives, since they were children. Did they never previously suffer concussions themselves, or had they never heard of concussion in the context of their sport? Not believable.

It reflects the transformation of America into an increasingly litigious society: look back to the origins of football, when the players wore thin leather helmets (or no helmets at all). Did they sue their leagues ? No, and they would view the whole concept as effete.

That having been said, the crux of the case seems to be that the NFL as an organization engaged in deceptive practices, because they established their own dubious "Mild Traumatic Brain Injury" diagnosis, and thus downplayed the real risks to players, and misrepresented the risks in response to the growing alarm being raised by the general public. So this having been proven, sure, according to the letter of the law, why would they not rule in favor of the plaintiffs?

As for compensation and monetary damages, it works out to $170,000 per player, since there were 4500 players in the class-action suit. Seems reasonable. In fact that amount of money is not much anymore to pro NFL players, considering how much they get paid. And it's hard to put a price on the real tragedy of traumatic brain injury, and its lasting effects on retired players for the rest of their lives.

- Brady