Whether re-writing my MCAT is a good option?

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Whether re-writing my MCAT is a good option?

Postby hello123456789 » Sat May 09, 2015 2:20 pm


I wrote my MCAT last year in September (2014). I scored a 33 ( 14 BS, 11 PS, 8 VR). I understand that my verbal reasoning score is not very good, and that I may have to write the new 2015 MCAT just to increase that score/ obtain a more balanced MCAT score. My GPA in my school is 3.98, but when converted for AMCAS applications, my GPA will most likely be around 3.95. I have completed my third year, and will enter my 4th year in September.

Is it worth re-writing the MCAT again?
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