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A Career As a Radiology Technician

PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:04 am
by shawntamis
If you are one of those who have a desire to help patients and think you are capable of providing service to those who needs radiology tests, you may choose a career as a Radiologist Technician. A radiology technician is a crucial part of most radiological procedures and plays a very important role in taking X-rays and performing other examinations for patients in order to determine their health. Working as a radiology technician, you may require dealing directly with the patient and operate the machinery that generally generates the medical images needed by the doctor.

As a radiology technician you are one of those few important persons who are responsible for maintaining the patients' safety with the machinery you use to conduct tests. In addition to running these tests, you are also accountable for updating patient records and conducting associated clerical duties including maintaining paperwork relevant to the office machinery you generally use for patient testing. Besides this, you may also require to prepare work schedules, evaluate purchases of equipment and at times manage the entire radiology department.

Career Prospect

In many states of the United States radiology technologists and technicians are referred to as radiographers. The major highlight of choosing this career is that once you become a radiology technician you actually become eligible for holding different positions. With experience and gaining more training, you may also become radiology specialists, performing CT scanning, angiography, and magnetic resonance imaging. As an experienced technologist, you can further attain positions like supervisor, chief radiology technologist and ultimately radiology department administrator or director. In addition to this, the career even let you do specialization in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT scans and Angiography. It even offers you with options to branch out into one of these exciting jobs like:

1. Radiation Therapist
2. Ultrasound Technician
3. Nuclear Medicine
4. MRI Technician
5. Mammography Technician
6. Etho-cardiographer
7. Bone Densitometrist

Re: A Career As a Radiology Technician

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 4:14 am
by honey123
This article is about Radiology technician career. Some people have interest to become a radiologist or a radiology technician but they don’t have enough knowledge about this field such as what to study to become a radiologist. A radiologist is a crucial part of most radiologic procedures and plays important role in the X-ray taking and other examinations. In the first section of the article the author explains about the responsibilities and works of a radiology technician. In the next section he discusses about the career prospects of a radiology technician and what positions that they can hold in his future career and about the chances of getting promotions. The author also showed the different sections available in the radiology department such as radiation therapist, ultrasound technician, nuclear medicine, MRI technician, mammography technician, echo cardiographer and bone densitometrist. This will help those who are interested in radiology to preselect which section they suits better.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:03 am
by radtechgirl
I am a certified Radiological Technologist. I graduated with honors and paid my school 45K for their 2 year program. Since 2006, I have applied for over 600 jobs in the US. I have not even received one response to any application. I would like anyone considering this degree to definately be aware that the field of Radiological Technology is completely saturated and you will be wasting your money, time and talent. Please decide on another career for your sake, the sake of your wallet and the sake of your family.

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Re: A Career As a Radiology Technician

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:41 pm
by laudablekid
Can anyone provide for info on the ultrasound technician job outlook? I'm hearing both good and bad outlooks. Radtechgirl, not to insult you, but did you attend an accredited school? Could that be why you're having such a hard time?

Re: A Career As a Radiology Technician

PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:21 am
by Nichole Hudson
Radiologic technicians perform x rays and place nonradioactive matter into patients’ veins in order to diagnose problems. There are some who are specialists in diagnostic imaging technologies, including magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography.
Full-time technicians work about 40 hours per week, though there may be on-call hours over weekends, nights, and evenings. Some part-time and shift work is available. The complete details about the educational requirements and work environment is given in
I hope this would help the aspiring radiologic technicians.