3 Things to do before your med school interview

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3 Things to do before your med school interview

Postby MCAT-MVP » Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:07 pm

Being accepted for an interview to a medical school can be very exciting. Being accepted for an interview is a great accomplishment because it means that a medical school is interested in having you as one of their students. According to pre-medical advisors from Missouri State University, the purpose of the interview is to get to know the student beyond the textbook.

The admission committee is looking to get to know the students on a more personal level, so you should walk into the interview knowing that you have impressed them with your grades and MCAT scores (so take a breath first!) and look at the interview as a way to have a conversation with the school you are applying to. However, that does not mean you should go into the interview completely unprepared. You may not have to take as much time preparing for the interview like you would for the MCAT, but here are a few things you can do to better prepare for the interview.

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