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Chances of getting into Osteopathic Medical Schools

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2006 9:11 am
by Adminnaoum
To get an idea of what your chances might be of getting into DO med schools we've put together the
College of Medicine Search Tool - for Osteopathic Medical Schools

This is a free tool that ranks your chances according to MCAT scores and cumulative GPA.

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Re: Chances of getting into Osteopathic Medical Schools

PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:58 am
by maratharibe
I am a graduating osteopathic physician. Tomorrow is my last day! Yeah! It hasn't been that hard, really - especially in the fourth year. I've basically been on cruise control since September. He He. I'm on Allergy right now and I'm loving it! The hours are hard to beat. So, anyways, I figured you guys were missing me so I thought I was write a piece on getting into a DO school. Of course, good grades and MCATs are pre-reqs for getting an interview. Once you get an interview, your chances for admission go from 1-in-10 to 1-in-3, roughly. So, getting the interview is the hardest part. And, let's extrapolate from my ratios and say comfortably that if you get 3-4 interviews (especially at DO schools), your chances of getting into one of them is pretty good. I'd say the intangibles to getting into medical school rest in your interview and your experiences

Re: Chances of getting into Osteopathic Medical Schools

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:12 pm
by water
I was wondering what is the difference between a DO and MD? I know DO takes a more hollistic approach to medicine and in school they learn the same material as MD and more, however, why is MD the more popular choice?

Re: Chances of getting into Osteopathic Medical Schools

PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:47 pm
by masalamonkeyca
I like for some advice on my chances of admission into DO programs. I have a GPA of 2.86 in Biomedical Engineering from one of the top 3 Bioengineering programs in the country and my pre-med GPA is 3.15. My MCAT Score is 28Q (Biology 10, Verbal 10, Physics 8, writing Q). I have a very strong research background and have been conducting research every summer from my high school years. Have 2 publications, several patents. I also have a strong record of extracurricular activities including 2 week interns at a medical practise for 3-4 years. I love the holistic appraoch of DO programs and like to get into one before applying to Caribbean. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Re: Chances of getting into Osteopathic Medical Schools

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:30 am
by arnob123
At this point, I'd recommend that you choose a school that you like and that is reasonably priced. Reputation can help (i.e. NYU) but it is not critical. In fact, many of my classmates went to liberal arts colleges. I think a good, reputable state school would do just fine. I went to a community college for two years and now I'm done. It all really matters most on if you enjoy the school (atmosphere is important) because you will do well wherever you are most comfortable. Plus, keep in mind, I'm already pushing $180,000 in med school loans. Tack on another $80G's...YIKES! If you parents are willing to fit the bill, go where you feel that you will learn the most and get the best education. Why? God forbid you don't get in to medical school! Now what?! You'll have a degree from a great university. Check. You can work for a year and reapply. This is a tough call because it's more of a "gut" decision. Just like a physician, sometimes you don't know all the facts and you must act on your gut instinct. That is what I would do here too. That's the best advice I can give you at this point. Good Luck!