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DO into an MD later on

Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:50 pm

Hey everyone,
I have a question about DO school after the first few years. I went on this Wikipedia page: ... ted_States

and down in the red box under "Licensure," it has MD residency and MD board certification as an option under DO. Is that true? Is that saying I can go to DO school, take the COMLEX and USMLE, then apply for an MD residency and be certified as an MD? I became serious about med school very late, and missed many allopathic deadlines. I considered osteopathy but I don't feel comfortable with a DO after my name instead of MD. I know the actual difference in nothing these days, but I had always had my hopes set on becoming an MD. Is it possible for me to attend a DO school but still end up an MD? Thanks everyone!

Re: DO into an MD later on

Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:16 pm

Once a DO always a DO
If you do a MD residency, it does not make you an MD, MD and DO are degrees

MBBS is also a Doctor, a Physician, its the degree you get if you went to medical school in the UK or some other parts of the world. :wink: