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SmartPhone Advice Needed -- Which One?

Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:45 am

I am not much of a technology freak and am somewhat out of step with the latest smartphones, PDAs, Androids etc, but it seems that "the little devices that can do just about anything anywhere" are being used in the hospital setting on an increasing basis.

A report about the use of smartphones in the healthcare industry was recently presented in a report by the California HealthCare Foundation titled "How Smartphones Are Changing Health Care For Consumers And Providers." The report's key message is that, while physicians have been slow to adopt EMRs and other forms of healthcare technology, they've been quick to adopt smartphones. And thus it would seem smartphone applications could hold the most promise of practical, efficient healthcare technology implementation in the coming years.

Seems to me that I had better get on the ball with learning about smartphones and their use despite the fact that I hate using or even speaking on phones. Yet, I do not want to become preoccupied with punching keys while giving patient care. Ring, Ring, Ring Tone. This makes me leery of smartphone use in the workplace.

Any advice on the best smartphone? Bear in mind that I have no idea how to even choose one! Any advice would be much appreciated. HELP! Let's hear the pros and cons of your personal smartphone!
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