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Entering Podiatry student thinking about DO

PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:36 am
by pod2DO
Here's about me: early 30s, married with kids, never applied to DO or MD school before. BS in BIology/Chemistry ~ 3.0 uGPA. Masters in Biomedical Science - Biomolecular ~ 3.9 GPA. Took MCAT with no preparation (last minute ~ 3 weeks notice) ~ 21. Accepted to Podiatry...never considered medical school before, was considering research and bioengineering careers. Why am I considering the switch? My wife and I want to move back to a certain state and unfortunately, it is pretty saturated with podiatrists. I am going to attend pod school and apply for 2012....I know it's crazy and expensive...anyone been in a similar situation? or heard of someone in the same situation? meaning switching from pod school to DO school?